The Northeastern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association





In 1919, a group of eight to ten veterinarians met at the Beaumont Hotel in Green Bay to organize the Northeastern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association.  They met once a year for a few years, but disbanded in the early 30’s, the depression years. On November 3, 1937, fourteen veterinarians met at the Falch Hotel in Seymour, Wisconsin to reorganize and activate the Northeast Association. A Board of Directors was established, officers were elected and the number of meetings per year was increased


The Association now holds two social meetings each year and several seminars that offer continuing education.  The Board of Directors meets every other month to discuss and handle business of the Association and to coordinate the seminars and meetings.


In 1994, the membership voted to change the name of the organization from the Veterinary Medical Association of Northeastern Wisconsin to the Northeastern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association or NEWVMA.


Now, over 90 years old, the NEWVMA has become the largest local association in the state with about 300 members.  The strength of the organization comes from the dedication and commitment of the members who serve on committees and boards and support the seminars and meetings.




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