Scholarship Donors




Benefactor ($5,000 and over)


 Dr. Quintin Metzig 



Platinum ($1,000 - $4,999) 

 2008 Dr. Quintin Metzig
 2007 Dr. Quintin Metzig
 2000 Ms. Lillian Elbing


Gold ($500 - $999) 

 2007 Dr. Francis L. Shearer



Silver ($101 - $499) 

  2017  Dr. Francis L. Shearer
 2016 NEWVMA
 2013 Dr. Francis L. Shearer
 2012 Dr. Francis L. Shearer
 2009 Dr. Francis L. Shearer
 2007 Dr. Dale Kressin
 2000 David & Sue Elbing
  Dr. Paul & Rebecca L. Elbing
  Steve & Susan Elbing



Bronze ($100 and under)

2016 Dr. Jessica Daul
 Dr. Joseph Sutton
In memory of Dr. Robert Cotter (NEWVMA)
 In memory of Dr. Robert Birr (NEWVMA)
2015Dr. Francis Shearer
2014In Memory of Dr. Quintin Metzig (NEWVMA)
2013In Memory of Dr. James Walsdorf (NEWVMA)
 In Memory of Dr. Robert Gay (NEWVMA)
2012In Memory of Dr. William Bogenschultz (NEWVMA)
2010Dr. Erin Lowe
 Dr. Patrick Laritson
 Dr. Ron Biese
 Dr. Kurt Rossebo
 Dr. Robert Engelbresten
 Dr. Jessica Daul
 Dr. Daniel Obershlake
 Dr. Edith and Mr. Scott Brandt
 Dr. Francis Shearer
 Dr. Marthina Greer
 Dr. Daniel Griffiths
 In Memory of Dr. Wayne Gaulke (NEWVMA)
 2009Dr. Willard Janssen
 Dr. Carolyn Dell
 Dr. Betsey Welty
 Dr. Ron Biese
 Dr. Francis Shearer
 In Memory of Dr. Kenneth Cartwright (NEWVMA)
 In Memory of Dr. Michele Ramseier (NEWVMA)
2008Dr. Al Lippart
2007Dr. Willard Janssen
 Dr. Kathy Oetjen
 Dr. William Bogenschultz
 Dr. Robert Cotter



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